Mayor Tim Kent

New Albany Mayor Tim Kent said he will seek re-election.

Kent is currently in his fourth term, marking his 16th year as mayor.

“I’ve got a few more things I want to do,” Kent said.

He said people should vote to re-elect him because, “We’ve got a lot going that I want to see finished.”

The city recently adopted a new comprehensive plan, and Kent said he would like to see it implemented. He feels as though he is looking out for the future of the city.

Kent grew up in New Albany and said the city is “part of me, and I’m part of it. I want to see this city thrive.”

Much has been accomplished during his time as mayor, he said, adding that many new jobs have come to the community.

“There’s plenty of jobs out there for people who want to work,” Kent said.

When he first took office there were not many job opportunities available in New Albany for young people who earned a college degree, he said. He wanted young people to be able to return home and work.

“There’s a bunch of diversified jobs here (now),” he said.

New Albany has had a low unemployment rate for several years, Kent said.

“We feel like we’ve been successful at that,” he said.

He also pointed out that the Tanglefoot Trail came into existence during his tenure. The Tanglefoot Trailhead plaza in downtown New Albany was also constructed while he was the mayor, he said.

The tennis and soccer complex is another accomplishment that occurred during his time in office, said Kent.

“It’s a state-of-the-art tennis and soccer complex,” he said.

Kent noted that he used to be a city employee who worked for the police department for 11 years. He started as a patrolman and later worked in narcotics and then as a detective.

Kent said there are several large projects underway or planned, including a new wastewater treatment plant and electrical substation. 

Toyota Mississippi also located to the local area while he was mayor, he said. As a result of Toyota, two automotive suppliers came to New Albany, Kent said.

Numerous businesses have opened in New Albany since he’s been mayor, he said. Kent said he feels as though the city’s grown a lot under his leadership.

Making State Highway 15 four lanes is another project that happened while he was mayor, he said. Highway 78 was also turned into Interstate-22 during his tenure.

In addition, the former Fred’s building was recently purchased to serve as the future home of New Albany Light, Gas and Water and the police department.

Cracker Barrel and other chain restaurants have come to town while he has been in office.

The downtown area is also thriving, he said, noting that USA Today named New Albany the Best Southern Small Town in 2017.

“We’ve got a lot accomplished since we’ve been here,” Kent said. “We’ve done quite a bit. It’s not just me.”

The New Albany Main Street Association has been a “vital part” of the downtown’s success, he said.

Looking forward, Kent said he would like to develop the Tallahatchie River for tourism purposes.

“I think it would be a plus for the city of New Albany to develop that,” Kent said.

Kent would also like to do more roadwork in the city, adding that Moss Hill Drive will be paved in the spring.

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