Varying levels of snow and ice were reported across Union County last week.

During the first storm, there were about 1 to 2 inches of sleet reported across the county, according to the National Weather Service in Memphis.

And during the second storm, there were about 2-3 inches of snow reported across most of Union County. There was a report of 1.3 inches in Blue Springs, 2.5 inches in Myrtle and 4.5 inches in Keownville.

The low temperature in Tupelo reached 13 degrees last week.

New Albany Police Chief Chris Robertson reported that no major issues occurred as a result of the winter storm. Robertson said he was not aware of any injuries associated with the storm.

It appeared that many people avoided the “treacherous” roadways and stayed at home or drove in four-wheel drive vehicles, he said.

“We had no major crashes and no significant injury,” Robertson said.

He said he is somewhat surprised there weren’t more incidents given the magnitude of the storm. Normally, when there is an event such as this there are “major problems” on Interstate 22 in the city limits, he said.

He said the fact that no major incidents occurred is a result of “people paying attention.” He added that the road crews from the city and the Mississippi Department of Transportation did all they could to clear the roads.

New Albany Light, Gas and Water General Manager Bill Mattox also said there were no issues with the electrical system as a result of the storm.

“I think we were just lucky,” Mattox said. “That’s what it boils down to.”

There were not any issues with trees or branches falling or lines breaking, Mattox added. However, there were problems with some water pipes freezing and bursting, he said.

New Albany Light, Gas and Water sent some of its employees to the city of Philadelphia to help restore electricity.

Union County Sheriff Jimmy Edwards said there were problems with motorists getting stuck in the ice and snow. There were also a number of vehicle wrecks, but he was not aware of any crashes with serious injuries.

A girl on a sled was injured Friday after she went down a hill into the woods, and rescue officials responded to pull her out, the sheriff said.

New Albany Fire Chief Mark Whiteside said we “stayed pretty busy,” adding that the department responded to some issues with frozen sprinkler systems.

The fire department also took a home health nurse to a location, assisted stuck motorists and took dialysis patients to appointments and brought them back home. There were also some motor vehicle accident calls, but nothing major.

“I’m proud of the way the police department and fire department took care of the city,” Whiteside said. “All and all we had a good week for the fire department. I’m proud of the way everyone worked together and got through it.”

The fire department’s rescue unit responded to a call in the Myrtle area at an assisted living facility where a back porch collapsed on a person due to the snow.

“The individual was not injured; we just had to remove the porch away from him to get him out,” Whiteside said.

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