Kevin Dale White is seeking re-election as Ward 3 alderman for the city of New Albany.

White, who is running as a Democrat, is seeking his third four-year term.

White has been a full-time fireman for the city of Holly Springs for 16 years. He also served as a full-time firefighter for the city of New Albany for 10 years.

In addition, he was a football coach for New Albany Middle School and also worked for the New Albany School District as a security guard at the alternative school.

White was born and raised in New Albany and graduated from W.P. Daniel High School. He then went to Northeast Mississippi Community College where he played football.

He said he ran for alderman because he was already serving the community, so “I said why not serve the whole community. That’s why I took the job.”

He said he has had to learn some things about what the alderman job consists of.

“I have learned a lot of it,” White said. “I’ve learned to be compassionate for people in this city.”

The city needs leadership, he said, adding, “That’s what I think I’ve given here in the last eight years is leadership for Ward 3.”

White said he has shown people how to make New Albany better. He said he is running again so he can continue his leadership.

“As a mayor and a board, we’ve accomplished a lot here in this city,” he said.

There are projects he would like to see completed such as the new wastewater treatment plant north of town. He would also like to see the former Fred’s building converted into the future home of the police department and New Albany Light, Gas and Water.

He also thinks it is important for the city to work with Union County Emergency Management and the school system to get some storm shelters.

“We don’t have any storm shelters for our community,” White said.

More soccer fields and baseball fields are also needed, he said. He said there are several projects going on in the city parks to get more playground equipment for the children.

During his tenure the city has brought in manufacturing jobs and more restaurants, he said. Bringing in more businesses allows the city to collect additional tax revenue, he noted.

But he said, “The main thing is that we’ve cleaned up our city.” He said he has worked extra hard to clean up Ward 3. Now, new homes are being built in Ward 3, he said.

“I think that’s a very, very big accomplishment that I’ve worked on,” White said, adding that the new homes bring up property values in the area.

White wants to keep working with the mayor and board to keep the downtown thriving. He also pointed out that the Tanglefoot Trail is a big asset for the city. He said people from different towns and different states come here to ride the trail.

White said he has served people most of his life, and “I enjoy working with the people in the community. I really have a passion for people.”

He said an alderman must have a passion to serve others. “If you don’t, this isn’t the line of work for you,” White said.

White said his work on the board of aldermen speaks for itself. Cleaning up abandoned houses in the city is another accomplishment, he said.

White also said he is accessible to the public and that people know he will answer the phone or call them back when they contact him.

If he is given four more years to serve, he said he can do even more for the city. “I know we can do better as a city,” he said. “People know that I’m willing to work for you. I want to help, and I want to serve.”

He said the biggest issue facing the city are the streets.

“We’re kind of behind on getting our streets paved,” White said, adding that the pandemic may have slowed work down.

“I just want the people to know that I’m still willing to work for them,” said White.

He said he works hand-in-hand with department heads and city employees.

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