A New Albany Elementary School teacher who had the coronavirus said she is grateful for all the help her family received through the struggle.

“My husband and I both tested positive (for coronavirus),” said Molly Bryan.

While she and her husband were the only ones in the family tested for the coronavirus, they think their three children had it as well.

“We think that the whole family had it,” Bryan told the New Albany Gazette in a telephone interview Monday.

The youngest child, age 3, had a temperature and would take naps throughout the day.

Bryan said the family is “feeling good now,” but there is still a little difficulty when they exert themselves such as by riding bikes or walking.

She feels as though she is almost back to normal, but her husband, Paul, is still having a little shortness of breath and chest discomfort if he does a lot of activity.

The children also seem to be doing well, even the smallest one who would get so tired.

“They’re busy running around and playing,” Bryan said. “This lasted a long time. It was misery. It’s been in my house for three weeks. We’re so thankful it’s gone.”

Molly was the first one in the family to start having symptoms. The family went to Disney World in Florida from March 6-12, and she was sick on March 16. She thinks she picked the coronavirus up during the family’s Disney trip.

“I had strep and the coronavirus,” said Molly.

At the peak of her illness she felt as though she could not do too much physical activity. She could barely get up and do the dishes without being out of breath. She also felt dizzy, had bad headaches and ran low-grade fevers. She would get up and try to do stuff, but then feel really exhausted and have to lie down. 

Later, her husband began feeling symptoms including “really bad chest pains,” fatigue, shortness of breath and headaches, she said.

When she found out she had the coronavirus she called her parents, who were distraught and worried. Bryan said she was really down for a couple of days after she found out she had the coronavirus.

“I was scared,” she said.

She started to think that her children and husband would get it as well and “what would happen if I lost them to it.”

But once she started feeling better, she stopped feeling so worried. “I thought, ‘OK, maybe we can make it through this.’ It was scary there for a couple of days.”

They treated the coronavirus by resting and taking Tylenol for the headaches and fever.

“I just tried to take it easy the entire time instead of getting up and doing things like I wanted to,” said Bryan.

The coronavirus ran its course in about two weeks. For the past three weeks, the family has been staying at home, and their church family at Hillcrest Baptist has been very good to them by bringing food and activities for the children.

“We haven’t had to leave for anything,” she said. “I’m still scared to get out; I don’t want to infect anyone even though my fever has been gone four or five days.”

In fact, Bryan said the family has grown “accustomed” to staying at home.

“I am actually getting a little anxiety about going out and seeing everybody because I haven’t seen anybody in so long,” she added.

The children have been going to school online, and the nicer weather has allowed the family to get outside.

“That’s been great,” said Bryan.

She is amazed by what their church family has done for them.

“We never felt alone,” Bryan said. “It’s just been a blessing how God has taken care of us through our church.”

Times such as these make her realize how important it is to have connections with others and to have a church family.

She urges people to follow the separation guidelines from the Mississippi State Department of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“I’m just amazed that we got it,” Bryan said.

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