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This road is under construction off of State Highway 30 West in Union County across from the Walmart Distribution Center. 

Construction has started on a new road that will serve a future industrial park in Union County.

The road is being built off of State Highway 30 West across from the Walmart Distribution Center.

The road will be paved, and it will run between Highway 30 West and County Road 54, said Gary Chandler, director of industrial development for the Three Rivers Planning and Development District.

It will be about three-quarters of a mile long and provide access to land that has been purchased by the Union County Board of Supervisors.

Over the past several years, Union County supervisors have purchased 127 acres of land in the area and have an option to purchase another 75 acres, Chandler noted.

The land will be developed as an industrial park called Martintown NORTH, and the road should be completed before the end of the year, said Union County Administrator Terry Johnson.

Chandler said the industrial park will be in a good location less than two miles from Interstate 22. A conceptual plan shows the site could accommodate several large industrial buildings.

A private landowner group has deeded about eight acres to Union County to provide space for the road construction, utilities and right of way, Chandler added.

The goal is to develop the property with the road, water lines, natural gas lines and sewer to make the site attractive to future industrial clients, Chandler said.

It could result in more jobs coming to the area, Johnson noted.

Grants totaling $1 million have been acquired from the Tennessee Valley Authority and the Appalachian Regional Commission. About $50,000 of the grant funds will purchase industrial park signage around State Highway 30 to help market the site. The other $950,000 will go to the road construction.

A $250,000 Mississippi Development Authority grant has also been acquired for the project and will be used to construct water lines along the new road from State Highway 30 to County Road 54, Chandler said. More grant funds are also being sought to develop the site, he added.

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