Brother Gerald prepared our hearts for Brother Bobby’s message when he sang ‘The Love of God.’ As usual, he did a great job.

Sunday five of our members were away on The World Changers Mission trip and these members were Katie Jenkins, Elizabeth, Mary and Daniel McCormick and Earl Johnson.  To help us remember to pray for them this week Brother Bobby had placed a small Romanian flag on the communion table.

Everyone was glad to see Betty Smith back after being absent because of a fall out her back door.

Earl, Carol and Elizabeth Johnson recently spent two days in Pensacola and I think Elizabeth spent most of her time in the water. All three enjoyed their visit to the National Aviation museum, especially Elizabeth because she could climb into a plane and pretend she was a pilot. She wore her Blue Angels Tee Shirt to church last Sunday.  They spent most of their last day in the I-Max theater and after four shows the senior Johnsons were ready for some quiet time.

Josh McCormick visited with me one afternoon last week and we talked about his mission trip.  He will soon speak to the church family.

I was pleased to have a letter from Jennie Lewis when I came home.  She sent me pictures of four of her great grandsons, Aaron 19, is in the Marines and is now in Okinawa. His brother, Brandon is in the Navy stationed in Meridian. They are such fine looking men and their two younger brothers are also very special to Jennie.

She and her son Bob and his wife Jennie have been going over to Perdido Key where they surf fish.  The day before she wrote they had caught twelve whiting.  There were no big waves, just a perfect day for fishing. She cleans those she catches and has several bags in the freezer for later.

We have another talented baseball player in our church family. Nick Smith, son of Mike Smith and Betty’s grandson is a player with the Oxford Park Commission 13-year-old All Stars. They placed third in the state tournament at Horn Lake. Nick led the offensive attack in the win over Hernando with a 4 for 4 showing and 5 RBI.  Two of his four hits included a triple and a home run.

Oxford is playing in the World Series at Southaven, along with 133 teams from eleven states and they won their first game this morning. Philadelphia will be watching with a great deal of interest. We are proud of Nick!

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