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Sherman’s mayor Ben Logan has been hired as the in-house attorney for the Tupelo City Council leaving questions as to whether he will continue as the mayor for the small town.

Logan said as of now he will continue to be the town’s mayor citing there were projects he wanted to finish for the town.

Logan was not present at the Tuesday board meeting for the town. Vice-Mayor Wayne Bullock presided in his place.

The board approved the final amended budget from 2012-2013.

The library will see some much-needed additions with grant monies. A teen section with some couches for them to sit on while they work on their computers is what is proposed to be done with that money.

Public works director Clint Long said they continue to get more water and sewer tap requests. “We are also working on ditch maintenance,” he noted.

Long also gave an update on the paving at the railroad. “Just to get the skirts paved on the railroad will cost $5,300.

“We are going to use as much crusher run as we can.”

Long also said that Lion Street is also closed until they can get it paved.

“Nov. 1 is the first opening APEC has for paving here,” he said.

“It will take $29,000 to pave that street from the crossing to just past that dip.”

Long said that November is pushing it as far as paving goes, “But we did pave a street last year during Thanksgiving week,” he pointed out. “If you have good weather you can pave.”

He said that monies for the project are in place and it is a necessary spend.

“Besides Warehouse Road that’s probably the roughest road in the town,” he said.

Long also said that $29,000 is a “high estimate. It will probably come in under that. Those are my estimates and I went on the high side.”

In other business the board said that as of Oct. 1 Chief Brad McMurry would continue as the full-time fire chief for the town of Sherman.

His contract is renewable each year and he has agreed to stay on as the full time chief even though he holds down a job at Toyota.

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