November 24

CR 291: Caller reported last trailer on right is playing loud music, causing a disturbance.

CR 115: Caller advised her boyfriend causing a disturbance.

CR 64 N: Caller advised subject in Chevy truck had done donuts in her yard and then possibly 10-50 when leaving.

Peterson/Cleveland: Loud music/screaming

CR 104: Subject causing a disturbance, sitting in the road in gray SUV.

November 25

CR 102: Wants to speak to an officer.

W. Bankhead St.: Alarm call at entry door.

E. Main St.: Lady needs help getting subject up off the floor.

N. Glenfield Rd.: Alarm call at plant entry door.

CR 66: Caller advised he asked his wife to leave and she refused to leave.

E. Main St.: Needs help with subject.

Carlisle St.: Wants to see an officer.

CR 60: Caller advised she needs a report for a 10-50 in ditch.

Hwy 30 E.: Black Ford Ranger pulled in driveway. Hispanic subjects, possibly 10-55.

November 26

Cr 430: Caller advised his car had been stolen.

St. Hwy 30 W.: Huddle House restaurant 911 hang up. No answer on call back.

Hwy 178 W/ West of Myrtle city limits: Traffic stop.

Grandview Dr.: Needs report on damage to mailbox.

78 E/MM 60: Traffic stop out with black Alero.

Snow Shack: Civil matter in blue van advised father-in-law took keys. Going to have it towed.

Mexican Restaurant: Across from Mi Pueblo there is another restaurant. Got child custody. One of the males is 10-56.

Allred Dr.: Man and his daughter have been assulted.

Lincoln St.: Referring about a dog.

Bratton Rd./3-way stop: Vehicle sitting in the road with no lights on.

CR 183: Woman called in and said that she was in a green Frod F-150 on CR 183 heading to Lee County Cr 395. Said he was choking her.

Myrtle Trailor Park/School: Man is beating on wife. She is outside yelling.

November 27

Allred Dr.: Pulled knife on 18 year-old female.

CR 204: Truck with no lights going up and down the road.

78 W. Glenfield: Traffic stop.

Willow Lane: Gray Mustang sitting in the road.

Staten Ave.: Wants to see an officer referring to her 16 year-old son.

Fairgrounds Spur Apt.: Lady called advising that there was a child missing.

CR 75: Lady was advising of someone burning leaves in the ditch and the smoke was so thick in the road that she could not see.

Owens Rd.: Alarm call at garage door.

Carlisle: Mail carrier advised vehicles parked in the road and cannot get through to deliver mail.

S. Central Ave.: Alarm call at gray building.

Hwy 30 W.: Heading toward Hwy 78 after gas drive off.

Gartin Dr.: Wants to talk to an officer.

E. Bankhead St.: Wants a report. 10-50 in parking lot.

CR 209: Man called advising that there were two horses heading for the 4-lane. It is a black Shetland pony and a brown chestnut Quarterhorse.

Briarwood Dr.: Disturbance between husband and wife.

Hwy 9 N.: Caller advised neighbors playing loud music, wanting officer to tell them to turn it down.

November 28

CR 101: Lee County called and they advised that ‘07 Ford Ranger was at a fully involved house fire and the tag came back to this address wanting a deputy to make contact.

W. Bankhead St.: Needs report-someone has taken his hood off his vehicle and has taken his breather.

Hwy 178 W.: Man called in advising of two black males fighting on the side of the road.

Hwy 15 S.: Woman hit post, wants a report.

W. Bankhead St.: Alarm going off near Dave’s Quick Stop.

Garden Apts.: White male behind bulding dressed in camo has gun around. 6 ft, 220 llbs, no orange, white male with blonde hair.

CR 2: Man was needing to speak to an officer. He advised that subject has been riding up and down the road, stopping and spinning off. Just harassing. Under house arrest.

CR 88/CR 86/CR87: Black truck baked out on CR 88 sitting in the middle of the road.

Hwy 78 W/B: Silver SUV all over the road, passing 72.

N. St. Hwy 15: Report of a disturbance in progress.

Hwy 15: Woman in blue Tahoe says that car behind her is driving irrate.

Hwy 30 E.: Woman says that someone is walking on her porch.

November 29

CR 150: Burglary alarm, general motion.

Senenity Lane: Caller advised neighbor’s dog has attacked her don and wants a deputy to go by and ask them to keep their dog on their property.

CR 2: Caller advised someone has broke into thier house.

CR 75: Caller reported there is wire in the middle of the road.

Albany Acres Apt.: Lady advised she picked her cousin up and she was beaten by her boyfriend. They believe he may be enroute to her apartment.

Fairview Apts.: Resident reports that every time she leaves her apartment, something comes up missing.

Garden Apts.: Lady advised female subjects yelling outside her door.

Rosewood Dr.: Caller advised we needed to check on a subject that has a coffin on the front proch.

Hwy 30 W.: Caller advised two car 10-50 with no injuries.

Lincoln St.: Caller advised subjects in front of her house making threats.

November 30

St. Hwy 15 N.: Alarm call

Hwy 30 E.: Caller advised someone tried to steal his tractor. Requested an officer come out and take a report.

Chevron/Hwy 15 N.: Blue Lincoln Navigator involved in gas drive off.

CR 73: Caller advised neighbor has some pitbulls that got off the leash and tried to attack him.

Hazel Lane: Caller stated her brother stole her computer and needed to see an officer.

Hwy 9 S.: One car 10-50 with entrapment.

Hwy 78 W/ MM 73: One car 10-50 in ditch.

CR 357: Needs to speak with an officer about problem with wife.

December 1

CR 67.Hwy 178: BNSF advised trail derailment near CR 67. BNSF advised no injuries and no hazmat or assistance needed. Needed train car hauling iron.

CR 194: Protect America Alarm Co. called advising that the alarm was going off at the garage door at this residence.

Extra Cash: Car has been running all morning with nobody in it.

CR 326: Called advising that there was a domesstic dispute going on at this address.

Highland St.: Lady called in advising that she saw a white couple walking in front of Cut’N’Up and the little girl did not have a coat on. The female had a jacket on, but the male did not.

Beaver Point CV: Man wants to see an officer. Two men in front of his house trying to tell him that he has to leave.

December 2

CR 101: Advised door open on frame shop.

Bankhead St.: 10-58 vehicle in front of City Hall.

Hwy 78: 10-50 subject hit bridge then left on foot. White male wearing blue jeans and brown coat.

Hillcrest CV: Advanced detections called advising that it was showing a general burglary alarm going off at this residence. Called the residence.

Goodwill: suspicious person in Pontiac.

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