As the coronavirus becomes a part of our daily lives, we are left wondering how much things will change and how long it will last.

We are already beginning to see our daily lives being altered in many ways due to the coronavirus. Schools are closed. Churches are going to online services. Events are being canceled. People are working from home. Store shelves are being cleared. Walmart is limiting its hours. Some fast food restaurants are no longer allowing people to dine inside. People are discouraged from being in large groups. Each day the situation with the coronavirus seems to evolve.

I have heard it said that we are living through a historical moment in our country right now. I believe that is true. A hurricane is the closest thing I can compare to what we are going through with the coronavirus. I went through a couple of hurricanes when I was a reporter on the east coast of Florida around Daytona Beach. Similar to the coronavirus, an approaching hurricane seems to impact every aspect of life. But instead of staying home as we are supposed to do with the coronavirus there are often large-scale evacuations in a hurricane.

A hurricane can leave a trail of physical property destruction, and the cleanup can last months or years. While the coronavirus does not cause property destruction it can hurt the economy and the stock market, which plummeted 3,000 points Monday. Weather forecasters can predict where a hurricane will make landfall, but we cannot predict where the next case of coronavirus may strike in Mississippi.  A hurricane comes with wind, rain and crashing waves while the coronavirus is silently passed from one person to the next. When a hurricane is about to make landfall, people board up their homes to keep the elements out. As the coronavirus descends on the nation, some people are barricading their faces with masks in hopes of keeping the illness out.

We cannot change the path of a tornado or hurricane. But when it comes to the coronavirus we can listen to the experts and slow the spread of the illness. A hurricane and the coronavirus can both kill people, and both threats should be taken seriously. After a hurricane or tornado, people often emerge stronger than before. I believe that will be the case with the coronavirus.

In the meantime, there are plenty of things people can do as they stay at home and away from large crowds. This is a good time to read a book and spend quality time with family.

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