When I was a kid, I always got depressed when it was time to go back to school after the summer.

I think a lot of boys are this way. Boys just love playing outside too much and don’t relish the long days of sitting inside a classroom. I would spend the summer fishing, riding four wheelers, playing with friends and going to the pool.

When the back-to-school shopping commercials started coming on TV I knew summer was starting to wind down. I don’t know why I dreaded going to school so much because I had good teachers for the most part.  In fact, my mom was a teacher but at a different school. My mom was a great teacher and was even named teacher of the year.

Once school started back I actually did not mind it that much. It was the build up to starting school again that I did not like. I could not stand the fact that the summer vacation was fading away. My wife was just the opposite. She loved going shopping for back-to-school clothes and getting new school supplies.

I was not the most popular kid in school, but I did have a lot of friends. We never got into any serious trouble at school but did aggravate our teachers every now and then. I was not in a whole lot of clubs and organizations as a student. I was in the band for a while but decided it was not for me. Later, I joined the tennis team, which I played on throughout high school. And in junior high I worked on the school newspaper.

Math was always my least favorite subject. My mom spent many hours sitting with me at the kitchen table helping me study for math tests. Looking back on my time in school, maybe I should have been more involved instead of goofing off with my friends so much.  Even though I did not love school, I still have many positive memories of my time in school. I vaguely remember the first day of kindergarten or first grade and the feeling of not knowing anyone and being in a new place.

It is hard to believe that it was so many years ago that I was in school. I have been out of college for almost 20 years.

Now my own daughter is getting ready to start kindergarten this year, and I wonder how she will like it. We have heard many great things about the New Albany and Union County School Districts so we are glad she is an area with high-performing schools.

I am not sure how I will react when I drop my daughter off for kindergarten the first time. I would not be surprised if I shed a few tears as she takes this first big step toward growing up. I used to work for a newspaper that always tried to get emotional pictures of parents dropping off their children for the first day of kindergarten. Now I will be one of these parents.

Well it just goes to show that life keeps on moving, and school gives us the knowledge that we need to succeed in this world. Thanks to all the teachers and other school officials for what you do. You truly make the world a better place.

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