I think the month of January gets a bad rap.

Below is a list of 31 things that make January a good month.

1. The days are starting to get longer again.

2. There is the chance of a snow day.

3. The college football national championship is in January.

4. Girl Scout cookies go on sale in January.

5. We can take advantage of after-Christmas sales.

6. New Year’s Day is in January, which means we get to eat collards and black-eyed peas.

7. My wife’s birthday is in January.

8. We get to enjoy all of the Christmas gifts we just received.

9. We get to recognize Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday.

10. We can enjoy sitting inside reading books on the weekends.

11. We can make a good chili recipe.

12. Children go back to school.

13. Valentine’s decorations start to appear in stores.

14. New elected officials take office.

15. The NFL playoffs.

16. The countywide spelling bee takes place in January.

17. We don’t have to mow the grass in January.

18. We get relief from the Mississippi heat in January.

19. We can escape the cold weather by going to a movie at the theater.

20. We can write thank-you notes for all of our Christmas gifts.

21. Some of us can look forward to a big tax refund.

22. We do not have to worry about the mosquitoes.

23. College basketball fans can enjoy lots of games.

24. We can plan a summer vacation.

25. We can call family members.

26. We can enjoy a winter sunset and sunrise.

27. We can enjoy the quiet of winter night or winter morning.

28. We can enjoy a nice fire.

29. A cup of hot coffee tastes good on a winter morning.

30. National Popcorn Day is in January.

31. At the end of January, there are only 48 days left until spring.

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