Well I have been in New Albany just over a year now, and it has been an interesting ride to say the least.

I have learned a lot in my first year as the editor of the New Albany Gazette. This is not my first time to be the editor of a newspaper. I used to be the editor of a twice weekly paper in South Mississippi.

I also used to own an online newspaper in Marion County, Mississippi. It was fun running an online newspaper, but it was also a lot of work. Not only did I have to write all of the stories, but I also had to sell all of the advertising. Running the online newspaper by myself got to be too much work, so I gave it up.

I was proud of the work I did for my online newspaper. I did a lot of investigative reporting back then. Starting a successful online newspaper from the ground up may be the biggest accomplishment of my journalism career. I had about 40 advertisers and thousands of readers. It was probably one of the first online-only newspapers in the state. I started the online newspaper in 2010. Back then online papers were not a prevalent as they are today. Now online-only newspapers are commonplace in many communities around the country.

Being the editor of the New Albany Gazette is also a challenging position. Print journalism is a lot different than online journalism, but in some ways they are the same. Getting the facts right is vital in both print and online journalism. A reporter’s credibility is based on whether he or she provides accurate information to the readers. Presenting information in an unbiased, fair and ethical manner is also important.

Journalism can be a stressful job because of the constant deadlines. However, journalism is also a rewarding profession. It is a privilege to be able to communicate with the readers and provide them with information they need to know.

I have been working in journalism for 18 years, and I have seen a lot during my time in the profession. Journalism has changed quite a bit since I first started working in the field. I did not even have access to the Internet at the first paper I worked for. Now it is critical for journalists to post information online, including breaking news.

The first paper I worked for was at Mississippi State University. I wrote feature stories for the school newspaper. After I graduated college, I worked as a reporter for a couple of weekly newspapers in Magee and Hattiesburg. Then I got a dream job when I was hired to work at a newspaper in a Florida beach town near Daytona. While working in Florida, I got to cover a few hurricanes.

After Florida, I moved to Wyoming because I was still young and single and wanted to experience a part of the country I had never been in. I ended up meeting my wife in Wyoming at a newspaper convention. My wife and I moved from Wyoming to the Smoky Mountains in North Carolina where we both worked as reporters.

After a few more moves, including three years in Missouri near St. Louis, we have now landed in New Albany. This is a great town, and we are happy to be here.

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