My wife seems to know what’s best for me.

For instance, the other day she was begging me to get a haircut. I resisted but finally gave in.

Now that I have gotten a haircut I feel much better mentally and physically. I should have listened to my wife sooner. My wife says I look a lot better and younger with a haircut.

I also should have listened to my wife when she was telling me recently that I needed to get new shoes. The bottom of one of my shoes was becoming detached and flapping around. This was not only annoying, but it did not look good either. The worst part was that these were nearly brand new shoes that were falling apart. They were supposedly a good brand of shoes too. Now that I finally decided to listen to my wife and get new shoes I feel and look much better.

There have been many other instances when I should have listened to my wife sooner. You would think after nearly 12 years of marriage I would have learned by now that my wife knows what’s best for me. But my dad always said I was pretty hard headed and had to learn stuff the hard way.

I should also listen to my wife more when it comes to cooking. Oftentimes when I cook I smoke up the kitchen because I turn the burner on too high. When I am cooking country fried steaks coated with flour the oil gets so hot that the kitchen becomes filled with smoke. Every time I cook country fried steaks my wife tells me not to cook them so hot, but I do anyway. There is usually so much smoke in the kitchen that the window and door have to be opened to air out the room. Despite the fact that I smoke up the kitchen with my country fried steaks, the food usually turns out very good. Country fried steaks and fried okra are my specialty.

My wife says I should not eat so much fried food, and she is probably right about that as well. Some people are experts at grilling and baking, but my expertise is in frying food. I love frying up catfish fillets and eating them with plenty of hot sauce.

I should also listen to my wife more when it comes to doing the dishes. My wife often gets on to me because I will load the dishwasher and then not turn it on.

My wife also wants me to buy a shed to put in our backyard to store the lawnmower. Currently, the riding lawnmower is in our garage and takes up a lot of space. It makes it difficult for my wife to get into her vehicle in the morning before work. I have told her that I don’t want to purchase a shed because I don’t want anymore possessions weighing me down. But she says the shed would stay with the house if we ever moved so I would not have to worry about moving it. Once again, she is probably right.

Yes, my wife is right about a lot of things, but I don’t think she will ever get me to stop eating fried catfish.

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