Moving is something I have done many times.

Unlike most things that get easier the more you do them, moving seems to get harder.

Or maybe I am just getting older and acquiring more things.

The last time I moved was from Corinth to New Albany, and it is one of the shortest moves I have ever made.

The longest move I have ever made was from Florida to Wyoming, but I was still a young man then and did not own as much stuff as I do now. When I moved from Florida to Wyoming, I stuffed all my possessions into my car and drove into the wild frontier.

The first part of the moving process involves going to the grocery store to get boxes. This part of the process is not a lot of fun because I have a small car and can only fit in a small number of boxes. Secondly, not all stores have boxes because they have already been put into the box crusher.

Dishes are the hardest things to pack because each glass and dish has to be wrapped individually to keep it from breaking. The whole time I am wrapping the dishes with newspaper I am thinking that I am going to have to wash all of them when I unpack them.

But you can’t think too far into the future when you are packing because it will cause you to become discouraged. The best thing is to just stay focused on the task at hand.

After everything is loaded into boxes, the next thing to do is rent the moving truck and get ready to load it. The last time I moved it took two very large truckloads to get out of my house. And I still did not have room for my lawnmower. To get my lawnmower here I had to hire a person to pull it on a trailer from Corinth to New Albany.

The last time I moved a nice group of people from Hillcrest Baptist Church came over and helped me unload the moving truck. I was overwhelmed by their kindness to help a person they didn’t even know. But they helped me unload the truck just as if I were a member of their family. These are the types of experiences that make challenges worthwhile.

That was a great introduction to New Albany, and ever since being here I have found that there are many friendly people.

It looks like I made the right move coming to the Fair and Friendly City.

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