Last week was an exciting one at the New Albany Gazette -- we got a new coffee pot for the office. Okay, I’m being a little sarcastic, but the event did cause a stir among our staff and brought some joy to most everyone here.

It all started Thursday when Brenda, our office manager and part-time fire chief, finally got a good look at our former coffee pot and declared it a fire hazard.

Granted, it was an inexpensive Mr. Coffee model purchased in 2016 that had seen its better days. The warming plate was looking rather rusted from years of coffee droplets when removing and replacing the pot during service, and the pot itself showed signs of wear and tear.

But on this day, Brenda decided we needed a new coffee pot and that she would ask for permission to purchase one. She also claimed to be a coffee drinker, though in the nearly three years she’s worked with us, she has shown no sign of the sort.

But, Brenda did come through in the end. After getting permission to purchase a new coffee pot, she went out and picked up a new Mr. Coffee model for the office Thursday evening.

We gathered round Friday morning in our kitchen area, almost as if it were Christmas day, to unpack the beauty. While not overly fancy, the new coffee pot has a safety feature that turns it off after two hours. That certainly comes in handy.

While we at the Gazette do give Brenda a little bit of a hard time for incidents like this, we do very much appreciate all that she does.

And I especially appreciate having a fresh-tasting cup of coffee in our new machine.

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