Valentine’s Day is going to fall on a Friday this year, which is good for all the couples who want to hit the town and not have to worry about work the next day.

I used to be able to stay up late even on work nights and make it to work at 7 a.m. with no problem at all.

But as I have gotten older that would be nearly impossible to do. I am usually asleep before the 10 o’clock news comes on now. However, sometimes I may stay up late to read if I am into a good book. When it comes to reading, I pretty much have to have complete silence or I cannot concentrate. I don’t mind a tick-tocking clock in the background, but that is about all the noise I can handle when I am reading.

Reading is a very important activity for a person to take part in, and it is a very good way to exercise the brain. I still like to read books in a physical format as opposed to on an iPad or Kindle. Although, to be completely honest, I have never actually tried to read a novel in an electronic format. I may love it and not even realize it.

Speaking of love, I almost forgot that this column started off with me writing about Valentine’s Day coming up on Friday. This may be a good time to read some poetry to a loved one. I probably read less poetry than any other type of written word. I don’t know why. I have nothing against poetry. Maybe I will try to start reading more poetry now that I am thinking about it. Given how short some poems are I should be able to find the time to read plenty of poetry. After all, why should I just read time-consuming novels? Poetry may also change some of my perspective on life and make me see beauty that I did not realize was there.  Short stories are also a nice form of literature for people who do not have time in their busy schedules to read long novels.

I must say that I prefer fiction over non-fiction when it comes to reading. Maybe I like the form of escape it offers. Even though fiction books are made-up stories, I still think the characters and situations in those books can teach us a lot about life.

When it comes to my life, I am lucky to have a beautiful wife to spend Valentine’s Day with. Maybe I will try to write a poem for her this Valentine’s Day. But I’m afraid my words would fall well short of what she really means to me. I guess it doesn’t hurt to try.

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