When I was a kid, I used to say that I wanted to be an architect.

But that all changed when I realized how much math was involved in that particular profession.

It is funny how things change as we get older. I never thought I would be living in New Albany, Mississippi for one thing.

Change is something that I have become used to over the years. The other day I was counting how many times I have moved. I have moved nine times since I graduated college 20 years ago. That is almost one move every two years.

Every time I have moved has been because I got a new job. Our careers dictate so much of our lives, such as where we live and sometimes even whom we marry.

The newspaper profession brought me and my wife together 13 years ago. We met at the Wyoming Press Association’s annual newspaper convention. At the time she was also working as a reporter.

I was at the convention because I had won an award for an article I wrote. I often think that if I had not written that article I would not have met my wife. Likewise, if the judge had not seen fit to give me an award for the article I would not have met her either. I’m just glad my editor at the time allowed me to go to the convention and accept the award.

It just shows you how fragile life is and how chance circumstances can change the entire course of our lives in major ways. Of course, some people say these are not chance circumstances but pre-ordained life events.

The simple fact that I wrote that article and went to the newspaper convention to receive an award has led to major changes in my life for the better. I now have a wonderful wife and child and a happy home.

Who knows what direction my life would have taken if I had not been at that newspaper convention. As they say, the rest is history.

If I had been good at math, I might have ended up being an architect and not gone into the newspaper profession at all. Now I am glad I am not good at math because it led to me picking a career in the newspaper business, which in turn led me to my wife and our child.

Many things in our lives are a result of snowball effects in which a small thing leads to a big thing. For instance, I am most likely in New Albany now because I started an online newspaper in Columbia, Mississippi called the Marion County Informer in 2008. The fact that I started an online newspaper from scratch played a part in me being hired to start an online newspaper in Corinth. After running the online newspaper in Corinth for three years I was transferred to New Albany to be the editor here.

We never know exactly why we are in certain situations. I could have never guessed that starting an online newspaper in South Mississippi would lead to me being an editor in North Mississippi one day. But that is the domino effect of life, and one day we will run out of dominoes. So we need to make each day of our lives count.

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