My thoughts and prayers go out to all the families who lost loved ones in the Easter tornadoes that ripped across Mississippi and other parts of the South. It was very sad to hear that the storms caused such destruction and loss of life. The storms came as the nation continues to have problems with the coronavirus.

Who would have ever thought we would not be able to go to church on Easter? I recently interviewed First Baptist Church of New Albany Pastor Andrew Chesteen. He said people have taken for granted the ability to gather together and worship on Sunday. But now that has been taken away from us due to the coronavirus. Chesteen said he thinks there will be a new “passion” and “excitement” and “appreciation” for worship once people can return to church. I believe that is true. Since Chesteen’s church was not able to meet in person for Easter, there will be an Easter-type service the first Sunday that people are allowed back at the church. It is going to be called resurrection Sunday. I think that is a great idea.

Easter egg hunts with children excitedly running through the grass were also missing this Easter. My daughter and I still had our own Easter egg hunt and she got lots of candy. My wife helped my daughter make many Easter crafts using construction paper. One of the crafts they made had a boulder that moved and revealed the empty tomb. They also made a large Easter bunny coconut cake. My daughter, 5, even helped make the green bean casserole for the large Easter meal that we enjoyed as a family.

Now that Easter has passed, we are left wondering how much more disruption the coronavirus will continue to cause. Will we still be dealing with it on Memorial Day? Will there be fewer people taking summer vacations this year? I hope everything can get back to normal soon.

In the meantime, I appreciate everyone on the frontlines who is doing what they can to serve the community during this difficult time. There are too many people to mention who are contributing so I am not even going to try because I would probably leave someone out. But you and I know whom we should thank for their hard work. They are people we see on a day-to-day basis who are putting themselves on the line to keep our society functioning as smoothly as possible.

Lastly, on a somewhat humorous note, I am in a full-fledged battle against the weeds that are taking over my lawn, and I am determined that I will win this war. Defeating the weeds and replacing them with pristine green grass will require a sound strategy. Please keep me in your thoughts as I wage war on the weeds. Summer is not even here yet, so I figure I am still in the first quarter of this contest. By mid-summer I hope I can report to you that I am a victor over the vegetation.

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