It is not uncommon to hear someone say that people have lost respect in the modern age.

But I think people have always been the same.

Sure, we may see more negativity in an online society as people leave caustic comments on Facebook. But I think those types of attitudes have always been there.

I think it is very important for people to be polite to one another. I once saw a sign that said people should say “please” and “thank you” a lot. I couldn’t agree more. Being kind to one another just makes life more pleasant.

I feel that people who are rude are probably dealing with other problems in their lives.

I also find coarse language unappealing. Most of the time when people use curse words there is no reason for it. The same point could have been made with less offensive language.

There will always be rude and arrogant people who use foul language, and there will always be people who strive to be polite to everyone. People often fall in the middle. They may be polite some days and rude other days depending on how they are feeling.

All people have bad days now and then. People should be forgiven if they are having a bad day and say or do something that is rude.

There is a big difference in being a rude person and being a person who does a rude thing. Even the nicest person you know can have a rough day and be unpleasant from time to time.

We should be patient and understanding with each other and realize that people may be going through challenges we know nothing about. Everyone is facing struggles that affect them in different ways. Some people have financial problems while others are battling mental illness. Some people have family problems and others have recently lost loved ones.

It is certainly understandable that someone facing such issues would not be the nicest person all the time. The best thing we can do is be nice to them.

All of us have acted in a rude manner at some point in our lives, and we should remember that when someone is rude to us.

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