Piggly Wiggly sign

Hunter Burke with New Albany Sign Company (pictured in bucket truck) hands part of the Piggly Wiggly sign to a fellow worker.

Sometimes I am riding down the road and run across something that I think would make a good picture. Recently, I was driving and saw that workers were removing the large Piggly Wiggly sign from the building on West Bankhead Street. I thought this was an opportunity for some decent small-town news, so I pulled into the parking lot to take a picture of the man in the bucket truck removing part of the sign. That may not be big news, but it is something going on in the community and it makes one wonder if there are future plans for that building.

It just goes to show that news does not always have to be a huge event, but can be something simple.

One time I even took a bunch of photos of rural scenes out in the county and put them on the New Albany Gazette website. It turns out that thousands of readers looked at the photos. 

New Albany is a pretty quiet town for the most part, but we do have our fair share of crime just like all places do. Our local law enforcement officials are very helpful when it comes to informing the public about crime happening in the community.  I am very grateful that the sheriff, police chief and others take time out of their busy days to speak to the newspaper about what is going on in New Albany and Union County. The newspaper is the conduit by which the public gets information from local officials.

Sometimes local law enforcement officials will even hold press conferences when they have a big story to discuss. This recently happened when the Union County sheriff and the Lee County sheriff held a joint press conference to discuss a rash of church burglaries.

The New Albany Gazette wants to report accurate information in a timely manner. We want to report information that the public needs to know.

The New Albany Gazette not only has a good working relationship with law enforcement but also school officials. For instance, the school superintendents from each local district recently shared information with the newspaper regarding how many coronavirus cases have occurred among students and staff. This information is important for the public to know.

The New Albany Gazette is glad to have a good working relationship with all local officials whether it is the county supervisors, the city aldermen or people at the courthouse.

But the newspaper wants to build relationships with the community as a whole, not just with government officials. That is why the New Albany Gazette features a local business in the newspaper every week. We want to support local businesses because they are such a critical part of the community.

We also want to form relationships with the readers of the New Albany Gazette. We want to hear from you. We want you to contact us and tell us what you would like us to report on. If we are not providing you with the information you want and need, please let us know and we will do our best to remedy the situation.

There is always something newsworthy going on in New Albany and Union County whether we know it or not. We depend on readers and others to let us know when and where those things are happening. We are grateful for your readership of the New Albany Gazette and want to serve you in the best way possible. You can give us a call or write a letter to the editor.

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