I used to be a big-time bream fisherman.

I would get my bucket of crickets and walk along the shoreline with my cane pole. I would toss the line and cork into the water and before too long that bobber would shoot underwater and I would have a big ole fish.

Yes, I used to catch so many bream that my dad told people that I was in the Bream Fishing Hall of Fame. In truth, there is not such an organization that I am aware of. Just to be sure I Googled “Bream Fishing Hall of Fame,” and nothing with that name came up. However, there is a Bass Fishing Hall of Fame.

Fishing for bream with a cane pole and cricket is my favorite type of fishing. I like the simplicity of it. I have not been bream fishing in quite a while, but maybe this summer I will get a chance to go and take my daughter. I would like to see her pull in one of those big ole fish.

I grew up by a lake in Vicksburg and used to fish for bream all the time. Sometimes I would get lucky enough to find a bed of bream and catch one after the other. That was lots of fun. The last successful fishing trip I went on was several years ago in Missouri. A friend and I camped out on his land and fished a pond that had not been fished in for quite some time. Every time I threw my line in the water I would have a fish on the other end almost immediately.

I remember one time I was bream fishing when I was a kid and I got ahold of a big catfish with my cane pole. That was one of the most exciting fishing experiences I have ever had. I have also hand-grabbed for catfish, and that was an exciting time as well. I would shoot up out of the water holding a big catfish in my hands and put it inside a cooler on the boat.

Catfish is probably my favorite thing to eat. I like eating it at restaurants and cooking my own as well. My favorite way to eat catfish is fried with hot sauce. The other day I ate an oyster po’boy, and it was delicious too. When I lived in Florida, I used to go to a restaurant that made the best grouper sandwich.

Another exciting fishing experience I had was when my dad took me red fishing down in Louisiana for my senior year trip. We caught lots of red fish, which fight really well and also taste great.

Yes, fishing is a good way to pass the time. My father-in-law, who lives in Wyoming, loves to fish as well. He fishes for a lot of trout out West. One time he visited, and I took him to the Mississippi River to go fishing. We did not catch anything, but we ate at a seafood buffet on the way home.

Maybe I will get back into fishing this summer and reclaim my spot in the Bream Fishing Hall of Fame.

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