The winter storm that struck the region last week brought much beauty and some dangerous road conditions.

I myself enjoyed getting out in the snow. Last Monday when the freezing rain was hitting the area I walked from my house behind Walmart on my way to the New Albany Gazette office. On my walk to the office a nice person in a truck picked me up as I crossed the bridge on State Highway 30 that crosses Interstate 22. As I got in the man’s truck he said, “Nobody needs to be out walking in 17-degree weather.” He had a nice truck that was more than capable of navigating through the snowy and icy conditions. He took me right to the Gazette office. As I was being dropped off I saw three people pushing a car on Bankhead Street that had gotten stuck in the snow. I thanked the man for the ride and jumped out of the truck quickly so I could get a picture of the three men pushing the car. I figured this would be a good picture to run in the paper because it showed neighbors helping neighbors during the storm. The man who picked me up in the storm also showed kindness. It just goes to show how people will step up and help one another during a storm or other major events. I did not get a ride on the walk back to my house, so I had to take the whole 2-mile journey on foot. It was a good thing I was wearing my big Walls Blizzard Proof snowsuit that I purchased in Wyoming about 15 years ago.

After the first round of winter weather people in New Albany got ready for round two, which brought a significant amount of snow to the region. My daughter and I went out in the front yard and saw what appeared to be rabbit tracks in the snow. Then we threw snowballs at each other and tried to build a snowman. The snow was light and fluffy, making it kind of difficult to build a snowman. My wife also pulled our daughter around in laundry basket in the snow.

I was able to do some reporting during the winter storm. I visited local grocery stores and asked how business had been in the wake of the storm. The grocery stores reported that they had been very busy as people were making sure they had enough provisions at home to get through the storm.

We were very fortunate that we did not lose electricity during the winter storm like what has happened in Texas. As I was watching TV one night, I got a text message from my neighbor who was just checking to make sure we were getting through the storm OK. I thought it was nice of him to check on our family. The next day I texted him as I was about to go to the store to see if he needed me to pick anything up for him. He replied that he would just ride to the store with me to avoid getting two vehicles out on the road. After we returned from the store we visited for a little while and just listened to music at his house. The winter storm allowed me to get to know my neighbor a little better, which is a good thing as well.

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