Recently, I have bought things that have become worn out in no time at all.

That is always disappointing when you spend hard-earned money on something only for it to break earlier than expected.

The other day I went out to start my lawnmower so I could give it an oil change, and it would not crank. At first, I was scared that I had damaged the engine by waiting too long to give it an oil change. So I went ahead and changed the oil thinking it might start after I put the new oil in but still no luck. Then I noticed that when I turned the key a message flashed on the lawnmower’s monitor that said “low batt.” So I pulled the jumper cables out of my car and hooked my Corolla up to my lawnmower, and the mower started right up after that. But once I turned it off it would not start back again.

The next step was to remove the battery from the lawnmower and take it to a local business that handles lawnmower repair and get them to test the battery. Sure enough the battery had gone bad. This was odd I thought. I had just purchased this battery in the spring, and it had already gone bad. I was just glad my lawnmower’s problem was due to something minor like a bad battery and not an engine problem brought on by my deferred maintenance. I was happy when the owner of the business said I could have another battery for free since the one that went bad came with a one-year warranty. So I went home and put the new battery in and got going on my lawnmower again.

After that I trimmed the lawn with my new weedeater, which I purchased after my previous one went bad. I did not pay much for my previous weedeater, and when I took it in to get it repaired the owner of the business said I would probably be better off just buying a new one. Fortunately, I have not had any problems with my new weedeater. Weedeating is hard enough without having to worry about whether the machine will crank.

But as I said I have purchased other things recently that started to break down soon after I got them. When people buy a product or service they expect it to work for a certain amount of time before it starts to go bad. But in the case of the shoes I recently purchased, I have not had too much luck. The bottom of one of the shoes is already starting to come lose and flap around. This not only looks unprofessional, but it is also annoying to feel the loose part of the shoe moving around when I walk. Since shoes do not come with a warranty, I guess I will have to buy some super glue or other adhesive to reattach the loose part. The strange part of it all with my shoes is that they are a name brand known for quality. It makes me wonder if the shoes made by this company are not assembled the way they once were.

In any case, I am not ready to buy new shoes, but it looks as though these shoes could become part of my weedeating uniform.

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