Will Tucker’s election in Ward 4 to fill his father’s seat on the New Albany Board of Aldermen presents both a challenge and an opportunity for him.

Tucker, who operates the Windshield Doctor, which had been his father’s family business, edged out Angele Mueller, owner of the Tallahatchie Gourmet restaurant, by an unofficial vote of 288 to 282 in the runoff election. Tucker got 215 votes to 119 for Mueller in the first round, in which nine candidates vied for the position.

The challenge for anyone getting half the votes is to sort out why the election was so close. The Tucker name and, for some voters, sympathy in the death of his father, gave him a significant early edge. The only question on the personable Tucker that we heard was his youth and his inexperience, leading some voters to believe he would be “led” by other members of the board.

Meanwhile, Mueller has been active in the community and is a well-regarded businesswoman with a successful restaurant and catering service. She expressed clear views, and both she and Tucker ran clean, competitive campaigns.  

The opportunity now is for Tucker to demonstrate to Ward 4 voters that his youth is a plus, and that it gives him a fresh and independent outlook on the board. He can be a pro-active, progressive voice on the board, helping the city reap the benefits of economic growth while improving the quality of life and amenities in our community.

If he does that, he likely will cement his place on the board. We congratulate him on the results of the election.

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