The race for municipal office is off to a relatively slow but interesting start in New Albany.

Only a few candidates have qualified but they include a challenger to the incumbent mayor and two incumbent aldermen who are running for different offices than they now hold.

No offense to present office-holders but we hope there will be a wide field of candidates.

Granted, we might not take the same attitude if we were running ourselves.

But we would hope more candidates mean more interest by the public and more discussion of issues.

All too often there is only limited interest in running for office, and much more limited involvement by the citizens the officials will represent.

In the city and county it has been typical for citizens to take the apathetic position of “we elected them to worry about things so we don’t have to.”

New Albany and our community are growing – dramatically in some ways.

That brings a number of infrastructure problems to deal with and planning challenges to meet the future needs of the city effectively.

We need people who can solve problems, but perhaps even more, we need officials who have vision and an entrepreneurial sense.

Some of the most critical elective offices are low-paying and, for the most part, thankless, although the officials will hear plenty of gripes along the way.

So it takes people who are really called to service rather than some who only have their own agendas, and some who would be very good prefer not to have to deal with the hassle.

We urge New Albany residents to think about some of the issues facing us and discuss them with the candidates.

Your choice may not win but our taking an active role in the election should lead to more informed, thoughtful candidates, better leaders and a much better quality of life for all of us.

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