Union County’s unemployment rate for November was 4.0 percent – fifth lowest in the entire state. Our rate has been among the five or six lowest for a couple of years now.

Most probably see this as good news. Nearly all our people are working.

But others see a down side.

They fear having too low an unemployment rate will put off potential industries concerned there is not a sufficient work force to support them.

Most agree there is always going to be some unemployment.

Some job seekers quit looking because their benefits end. Some take jobs they are overqualified for rather than being jobless. Some just give up.

And, no matter what, some people will be moving from one job to another at just about any time.

Our unemployment rate is also lower than the state and national averages, and reflects generally good job “health” in Northeast Mississippi.

Mississippi Employment Security Commission figures show only 560 people in Union County who unsuccessfully looked for jobs this past month out of a workforce of 13,930.

We are not concerned about the negative aspect of a low jobless rate because we believe a good employer will bring in workers from outside our county as well as moving some of those already working here to higher-paying jobs.

That means we see a 4.0 percent unemployment rate to be something to be proud of and a credit to the success of our local local businesses, industries and leaders.

But the state employment figures only measure the number of jobs – not the quality of jobs.

One of our main goals still needs to be emphasis on better training, especially technical training for our future employees so that not only are most employed, but employed in good paying jobs.

Our schools are working on this and we need to support them.

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