While Mississippi is often near the bottom in most national rankings, we have at least been at the top in terms of charitable giving.

Mississippians tend to believe in helping others.

Most of us can’t afford to contribute a lot, however, and deciding whom to help can be a challenging task.

That’s why giving to the United Way may be a good idea.

United Way is still relatively new to Union County. For years, people here weren’t interested in the organization because they felt it provided no help here.

That’s not the case now.

This year, United Way of Northeast Mississippi is returning more than $90,000 to organizations that are either in Union County or for organizations that provide services to Union Countians.

The stated goal is to fund programs that promote academic success, family stability and health and wellness.

In fact, distribution of funds, determined by a local committee of volunteers, provides a wide array of help in terms of medical care, counseling, education, special needs, rehabilitation and even character-building.

A story elsewhere in this issue provides a breakdown of the United Way funding for each of the 26 local recipient agencies.

Contributing to United Way can be easy. Some employers prefer not to deal with payroll deductions but that can be an automatic way to give each pay period. 

And the amount deducted can be small enough that one literally will never miss it. Just a few percent of one’s check still helps but that money adds up by the end of the year.

In fact, United Way says more than three-quarters of the funds raised come through workplace campaigns.

If you are interested in helping by giving to United Way, or want your business to participate, you can find out more by going to www.unitedwaynems.org or calling 662-841-9133. 

And if you, yourself, need help in any of the categories mentioned above, United Way can also provide a list of more than 60 organizations they provide funds to.

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