Seeing so many children express gratitude to the local veterans was a welcome sight in New Albany and Union County.

Throughout New Albany and Union County, many Veterans Day ceremonies were held at local schools. U.S. Sen. Roger Wicker, R-Miss., a veteran himself, even spoke at the West Union Attendance Center ceremony. Numerous veterans attended the ceremonies at the local schools.

Bringing children and veterans together like this is very important. It teaches the youth that there are people right here in this community who have stepped up to serve the country and preserve our freedoms. Some of the schoolchildren may be veterans one day themselves.

The children waved flags and sang songs to the veterans during the ceremonies. They learned about true heroism and what it means to serve selflessly. Instilling this message in our youth is so important. The local schools did a great job hosting the various veterans’ ceremonies. School leaders should be commended for making Veterans Day such a priority.

We thank all the veterans for their service and sacrifice.

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