I’ve lived, I’ve loved, I’ve laughed, I’ve cried

I’ve walked the walk with men who died

war is hell I’ve heard men say

just try to live day-by-day

When at last my turn came to go

how I would fight and live I did not know

training is tough to help prepare

but nothing can equal that first scare

We lost four friends on a mountain today

some of us cry some of us pray

they fought for Vietnam to be free

from all oppression mountain to sea

We hear at home some riot against war

all of us do our duty and live with a scar

why would some blame war on us

then leave the country all in a rush

I did my time and stood the pain

all cheered and laughed and boarded the plane

we knew not what to expect upon arrival at home

all we said was leave us alone

When I got home and finally could rest

I thought of my time and knew I gave it my best

but it wasn’t easy to forget the pain

I thought of the year over again

At night I dreamed that I had died

and awoke in a sweat or maybe I cried

It took years to adapt and to rest

but I had succeeded in my quest

Now people thank us for serving in war

It would have been nice to arrive home to a roar

If asked to do it again we would leave today,

“Cause old soldiers never die they just fade away”


James H. Minor of New Albany served in Vietnam with the 1st Cavalry Division, 1966

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