It wasn’t the ice storm of ’94, but the aftermath of this weekend’s brief destructive winds did evoke memories of those days. Roads were blocked, structures were damaged and, most notably, a substantial part of the community was without electric power service for some time.

The extent of our dependence on electricity – something we never think about until it goes away – can be frightening in itself.

We were fortunate that no one was injured this past weekend and personal property damage, though serious in individual cases, was generally limited.

We are also fortunate that most of us were without power for only about a day, two at most for a smaller number.

For that, we should show our appreciation.

Law enforcement officials responded quickly to check for possible injuries throughout the city and county after the brief assault of high wind. Medical responders were also the scene where the possibility of injury existed.

Once the extent of the damage became clear, street and road crews were on the job to clear downed trees and remove other debris.

But it was the light, gas and water crews who just kept on going until everyone got power back, working for many hours at a stretch.

While we have heard individuals say thanks to these essential workers, they generally go without public recognition. 

But when we lose power during a storm, they are the ones who are out performing extremely dangerous work in equally dangerous and unpleasant circumstances. While we are inside warm and dry, they are in the wind, dark and rain dealing with potentially lethal high voltages.

Some people will always gripe about the power going out, and how long it takes to get the lights back on.

Don’t be one of them. 

Try standing out in the rain for a couple of hours in the dark next to high-voltage power lines before being critical.

Our public workers never get the credit they are due, but for the hard work they do in extreme circumstances, we say thanks. We appreciate your hard work to keep our lives safe and comfortable.

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