Loki and Thor

Loki and Thor

Well, it's happened again... we've become shelter to two orphaned kittens.

As I led our dogs out the front door for a walk on a cool Saturday morning two weeks ago, I noticed some teeny-tiny paws under our car. When I bent down to look, sure enough there were two kittens -- one an orange tabby and the other a black and gray tabby. Both were shivering uncontrollably and doing their best to scare me off, especially the orange one, who spit at me when I went to grab him as he attempted to climb up into the car's undercarriage.

Fear for their safety led us to bring them inside, in spite of their "ferocious" protests. I mean, you can't be very intimidating when you're a five-week old kitten. We soon named the orange one Thor, because he seemed to be the most fierce and the other we named Loki, simply because they're brothers. After a few days, however, it became clear that Thor was the mama's boy and Loki is more adventurous and cunning (living up to the god of mischief's name, really).

While they're very sweet kittens, we really don't have the room in our house to keep them long term. First off, our royal feline of the roost, Hazel Grace, will not put up with them much longer and, two, we have three dogs who have jealous streaks also. So, if anyone out there is interested in fostering these kittens, as shown here, please contact me at 662-507-2917. In just a few more weeks, they'll be ready to shelter-in-place in a good home.

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