We’re glad smaller area cities and towns from New Albany to Houlka to Houston – and elsewhere across America – held July 4 celebration fireworks displays this year. Seems like a no-brainer – You can’t have the 4th without fireworks, right?

Well, not necessarily.

Pinched by tight budgets, many municipalities and organizations across America have canceled their fireworks displays this year to avoid seeing some of their revenues literally go up in smoke.

We’re glad that’s not the case here.

The money municipalities spent for fireworks stays in-county, helping local folks, since the fireworks are usually obtained through a local business.

The 4th of July festivities often draw the largest crowds of the year. Families come together, reconnect with each other, turn the kids loose, all under the bone-rattling thunder and majestic beauty of the aerial explosions.

The celebrations also give each municipality a chance to show visitors what a lot of people already know – that small cities and municipalities are great locations to live, work, and raise a family.

We commend those who put on these events. A lot of time, talent and organization went into them.

The activities remembered our nation’s heritage, and displayed each area to best advantage.

It’ was fun, fellowship, patriotism, tradition, power and glory all wrapped up in a single event.

That’s not bad for a night’s work.

Whatever the cost in tax dollars, it was worth it.

We can’t afford not to afford this.

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