ew Albany will host three events Saturday that are well worth getting out of the house for.

The Boys and Girls Club will have a good pancake breakfast, a ride on the Tanglefoot Trail will benefit the very worthy Regional Rehab Center in Tupelo and the local car club and Lions Club will have their popular car show.

We have not investigated thoroughly but it seems that New Albany is experiencing more and more days with multiple events to provide entertainment and draw tourism as well.

Certainly, we have the Tanglefoot Trail to thank for a big part of that. But the vibrant downtown area and other commercial sections are important, too. Add to that our park and sports system, plus the predominant friendliness of our people and New Albany is indeed a crowd-pleaser.

Another positive addition to the community may be on the way as well.

In just the past issue we argued for some action on a welcome center for visitors to Tanglefoot Trail, which is needed as soon as possible. We suggested a space downtown that is essentially ready to use with the hope that funds could later be obtained to construct a better structure designed for the purpose.

In only the past day, it has begun to look like funding might be a reality sooner than expected; it is too early to tell but officials are optimistic.

There is a great need for a convenient center to provide information and assistance to out-of-towners visiting the trail. Such a center would promote tourism and local business as well as just inform about the trail.

What we have now is still a bit piecemeal and haphazard, despite the efforts of some.

What we need is a facility that is open during the hours the trail is open, seven days a week. The need is especially great on weekends when the library and old post office welcome center may not be open.

It is hoped whatever form the new welcome center takes will meet these needs.

But despite the vibrant downtown and potential designated welcome center, visitors still often can’t find a place to eat downtown on Sunday (and some other days) and we think that is a good opportunity missed for some businesses.

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