Name                                                                 Amount

Frank & Lynn Madden                                         $250

Rev. Stephen Holliday                                         $15

Rev. Stephen Holliday                                         $15

Joe, Sr. & Lynette Waldrop                                 $100

Mr. & Mrs. Denotee Martin                                $100

Anne Neal in memory of Wayne Neal                 $100

Mary Foley                                                           $50

Christy Bowling in memory of James Bowling    $100

Nora Clayton                                                       $30

In Memory of Dr. Robin Bostwick by

   Laura Bostwick and Family                               $100

Union Prospect Baptist Church                           $300

Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church                            $500

Anonymous                                                         $100

Rick Robbins Family In Memory of

   Mrs. Sheila Robbins & in honor of

   Mr. Marshall Robbins                                      

Rick Robbins Family in memory of

   Ralph & Lanie Baker                                         $500

Pam Nichols In memory of Sammy

   Nichols, Melvin Lehmann, and Betty Lehman  $25

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