August seems to always be a bit steamy, humid and hot here in our great state of Mississippi and I am hopeful that my days of hard and sweaty labor in the garden and yard will have me in prime condition for football and cross country.

The first few weeks of both sports will work on even the fittest of the fit, much less someone well past middle age like me. Hey, I’m 63 and haven’t heard of anyone living to be 126 lately, have you?

I’ve been putting in the steps weed-eating and walking behind a mower plus since we had a new shop built, it’s a good 40-50 yards one way just to get a cart, weedeater, or tools, so I get my exercise in just getting the preliminaries before I attempt to do any kind of work. And yes, I do own a zero turn so I don’t mow our two-plus acres on foot, just have a lot of trimming to do.

The walk up there is also uphill all the way too, guess that helps build stamina. after 2-3 trips back-and-forth, I have to sit down and rest before I can even attempt to do any work.

However, I know that this will have me ready to go (at least I’m hoping it will) come football season as I plan to be back on the sidelines following the plays during football.

The two quarter scrimmage that transpires the week before game one always serves as a measuring stick for me as much as it does for any of my teams. I can tell immediately after the final whistle if I’m ready for the season to commence or if I need to get in some extra reps behind the walk-behind mower on the two big ditch banks on the sides of our driveway.

Maybe this year despite my advancement in age, I will be able to hang with the youngsters on the field. I really enjoy covering the outside sports, but each year I see myself needing to get further and further away from the action for fear of being involved in the play.

I promise to do my best to not be the center of attention or the play.

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