At this time of the year I have the urge to go out and dig in the dirt. 

Every magazine I read, the articles we put in the paper about spring gardening and the special sections we do on spring home and garden all makes me look around my yard and visualize what it could be.

My visions and my ability do not necessarily line up and my bank account never lines up with my visions.

I can see a new pergola in the front of the house, next to the garage. A little bridge to go over the drainage grade to the house. Beautiful flowers and greenery that will have color all year long between the pergola and the garage. Stepping stones that lead to the front door. 

My visions for the side of the house on the grade is to make a flagstone steps that are flanked with beautiful blooming hydrangeas next to the house and flowing off to a sitting area under the trees with adirondack chairs to enjoy the afternoon breeze.

Off the patio behind the house should be a fire pit, or better yet a big fireplace, where we can enjoy these cool spring evenings and into the fall.

I always have big ambitions. I even have the thoughts of planting a vegetable garden. 

I can remember growing up and working in the garden with my mother. She could grow a garden that produced all the vegetable we would eat for the year. I have great memories of spending my summer days out of school helping mother pick vegetables and canning or putting those vegetables in the freezer.

In all of my dreams of what I want to do, I have come to realize in my life, that I am better off putting some blooming flowers in a few pots that I can realistically keep watered, keeping the flower beds around the house to a minimum with low maintenance plants.

I enjoy dreaming up ideas and maybe someday, I will implement a few of them.

Happy gardening.

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