Dennis Clayton

Dennis Clayton

I had the pleasure of furthering my education or lack of knowledge in the newspaper business this week as I trained for extra "stuff" to do. I must admit that I was in a complete fog as we wrapped up that initial training session. 

Now it was no fault of my instructor, the illustrious Lisa Bryant, as she was as awesome as usual in attempting to guide me through all the steps, clicks and some other magic she performed with that command button that escaped me.

The good news is that despite all my self-destruction and numerous times of falling in the proverbial ditch, we got the ads dropped and the layout completed.

However, if you were to ask me how we did it, why we did it and where did certain things come from, I cannot answer. That Layout 8000 did about an 8000 number on me and my feeble brain. 

It was just like when you are taking photos with your camera and all of a sudden, the shutter button won't work anymore and you get a message on the screen, "memory full" or something to that effect. 

The more I listened and attempted to learn, the more it seemed that words went in my right ear and were flowing our of my left one like a river running wild. 

I actually felt like I needed to lie down or perhaps just run out in the street, I was suffering from the dreaded information overload. It's very similar to heat exhaustion, you are physically, emotionally and mentally spent. Absolutely drained to the core. 

Despite Lisa's best attempts at encouragement over the finished product, the best I could muster up by thinking to myself was "I'm glad that I got that over with."

I heard her exclaim as she headed to Pontotoc to layout that paper, "you'll call me next week with questions and I will lead you through it, but you will get the hang of it." 

Yes, I most definitely will, like where do we even start this thing? Hopefully, this knowledge will eventually come to me one day, maybe in a few weeks or even possibly in a few months. 

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