The possibilities Sunday were foreboding when we listened to forecasters predict the potential destructive forces in Ida. The announcement of church-related and school cancellations only intensified the foreboding atmosphere.

   The first thing we did after getting home from church was to turn on the weather channel. Ida was on her way and according to her predicted path, we would reap her winds, rain, and possible tornadoes.

   I went to our backyard and huddled some pots and tender plants into protected corners. We stored the patio umbrella and pulled porch furniture closer to the house walls. I cut a small bouquet of zinnias, thinking the late bloomers would probably be mauled by the winds.

   Now my prayers were more frequent – praying for the protection of friends and loved ones while including the volatile situation in Afghanistan. I even began thinking about the giant trees that lined the front and back of homes on our street. Would the winds partner with the flash floods to uproot these giant sentinels?

   Suppose this time we wouldn’t be spared a tornado’s destruction? Would our home survive one or would we experience the anguish of searching through debris for our belongings?

   Then that sinister visitor, Mr. What-If, realized another prime target and began unleashing his “what-ifs” on my thoughts.

   Praise God for His Holy Spirit that arrives like a spiritual ambulance to bring the help I needed. Thankfully I was reminded of my Bible’s wonderful collections of “Fear Not!” God understood that we are dust and frail, and that we needed lots of reminders to NOT fear. 

   My spirits began lifting and fears began to dissipate. Suppose Ida did target our home with her winds and floods? God was still my sovereign God. Suppose that giant oak toppled onto our home – even our bedroom as we slept – and we were crushed? God would have allowed it, and we would immediately be face to face with Jesus!

   Do I trust God or do I let earthly fears like sickness, accidents, hurricanes, tornadoes, even death cloud His promise that He will be with me always?

   By noon Monday, Ida relented of her destruction midway through our state. I praised God for His “always” promise and for sparing us another time.

   Knowing that our world reels under the pandemic of sin and chaos, I’m recommitted to refusing all entrances to Mr. What-If and trusting in God’s promises with joyful assurance. Because? Jesus said, “In this world you will have trouble [hurricanes, sickness and any other trouble]. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” John 16:33.

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