(Intended for the past week but not included due to early press deadline)

It came on swift feet – again! Thanksgiving week is here, and it’s a blessed time to be with family (some of us) and to consider with more reflection (all of us) our countless blessings. If we flip the word around we see it as the giving of thanks. Certainly all of God’s children have reason to do that, but there are other means of thanks.    Thanks-sharing could be a wonderful means of observing this week. Sharing our thanks with others could brighten a lonely person’s day and bless so many that don’t have the abundance of material things so many have. I’ve been guilty of Thanks-keeping which so reflects the opposite of Thanksgiving. God’s rule of sowing what we reap hasn’t changed. We can’t out give God, so Thanks-sharing always proves God’s abundant supplies to His children.    Thanks-living would be the best option of all. Instead of focusing one week of the year on the bounty of God’s blessings, I think living every day with thankful hearts before our families, friends, and strangers would add a lot of positivity to a world that seems to stay focused on the negative.     Happy Thanksgiving to you and may we, as God’s children, extend this joyful time into daily Thanks-living.

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