Jeremiah 33:3 was the verse foremost on my mind:  “Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know.”  It’s a fascinating and extraordinary verse, but I had a simple request – not for great and mighty things but a little thing. I just needed God to show me where the missing lens was that had somehow fallen out of my reader-glasses.

   What a shock the first time I put on the disabled readers. I couldn’t read the small print! I quickly pulled the glasses off to examine them and there was the empty space where a lens was supposed to be.

   It was my favorite pair of the two I had purchased. No, the one-eyed pair wasn’t expensive, but I refused to chunk them, because I was confident that God would direct me to the lost lens.

   Useless without both lenses but repairable when God showed me the missing lens – that was the condition of the readers. I laid the crippled glasses on the top of the clothes dryer – promising them their potential value was still intact. 

   Each time I went to my vehicle in the garage I would walk past the dryer and see the readers. It was a test of faith, and I helped God every way I knew how. I looked under furniture, the bed, in the purses I had used, on our closet floor, between couch and chair cushions, under the car seats and in the console. Only God knew where the sought-after lens rested.

   A week passed and no lens. Another week followed, then a third. The disabled glasses stayed in their reminder spot. I remained confident that the glasses would one day recover their usefulness.

   Last week I walked out our front door to check mail. The flower bed adjacent to our front lawn often captures my attention on these occasions, and I weed a few spots or examine my rose bushes. I did the same on this day, squatting at the edge of the bed and began pulling a few straying grass strands from the flower bed.

   I reached for a second pull and there it was – resting undisturbed amid the chrysanthemum’s shade and a soft layer of pine needles. The lens was found! When and how it managed to end up there I’ll never know, but I do know God found the lost lens.

   Othel popped the lens in place, and my crippled readers advanced to my first-choice readers. They’ve also grown in worth. They have become a valuable reminder of the power of prayer and that there are no insignificant prayer requests.

   I look at the frames and realize the lens always needs support. We weren’t meant to do life on our own.

   A single-lens pair of glasses will never work properly. The Body of Christ, His Church, needs all members using their gifts.

   And finally, those glasses remind me that God never gives up on the crippled, wounded and lost. Neither should we.

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