Robbins Ellis Rogers

The following response to the New Albany Gazette's Election Q&A by Robbins Ellis Rogers for the office of State Representative District 14 was mistakenly left out of the the Wednesday, July 31 issue. We apologize for the error and have posted it here in full.


Robbins Ellis Rogers

Age: 33

Occupation: Public School Teacher, School bus driver

Office Sought: State Representative District 14

Political Party Affiliation: Republican

How Many Years in Office: 0

Robbins Ellis Rogers is 33 years old. His parents are Margaret Ellis Rogers and Fred Rogers. His grandparents are Nancy Ellis and the late Dr. David Ellis, Jimmie Rogers and the late Herbert Rogers Jr., and the late Catherine Rogers. He and his wife Jonna have two daughters and twin sons. He graduated from New Albany High School and Ole Miss. He has served as a public school teacher for 10 years and also drives a school bus.

Should public money be used to fund private schools?

No. As a school teacher I am a strong supporter of the public school system. Our focus should be on providing an equal opportunity for every child to receive the highest quality education possible. Keeping public money in public schools assures that every education dollar available is going into a system that is available to everyone and that every school, every classroom and every teacher is held to the same high standards.

Would you vote for an increase in gasoline tax to help fund road and bridge improvements?

I would certainly consider voting for a bill that helped to pay for the repair and improvement of the roads and bridges in our state, which are so vital for both our citizens and our commerce. I would have to read the bill carefully and be assured that all money collected through an increased fuel tax would be used specifically for that purpose.

Should the state accept federal funds to support the state’s health care?


Would you be in favor of a statewide WiFi system and, if so, how would it be funded?

I know that the legislature passed a bill known as the Broadband Enabling Act that gives members of the Electric Cooperatives of Mississippi (ECM) the ability to offer broadband to its customers through an affiliate. This opens the door for wider broadband coverage throughout the state. Currently the funding of those projects would be the responsibility of the cooperatives.

How best can the state attract more industry?

Tax incentives help to attract new business to Mississippi. Beyond that, we can also work to offer our workforce more opportunities to acquire the skills that businesses are looking for.

What does the state need to do to improve it’s national image?

Our state legislature is charged with passing legislation that best serves the people of Mississippi.

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