The Union County School Board discussed and approved several measures as they prepared to reopen with a delayed start on August 17 for the fall semester due to the coronavirus.  

The board passed a recommendation to revise board policy GBRIA - Family and Medical Leave Act to include an attachment for the Families First Coronavirus Response Act which is a new federal law for paid sick leave in relation to COVID-19. 

Another coronavirus-related recommendation that the board passed was a new board policy, the JGA Pandemic/Epidemic Emergencies as was recommended by the Mississippi School Boards Association. 

The 2020-2021 combined and combining budgets were approved by board members following a recommendation. 

A recommendation to approve East Union, Ingomar, Myrtle and West Union's Crisis Management Plan for the 2020-2021 school year was also approved.  

The board approved a recommendation to approve a quote from Ken Jeter Store and Restaurant Supply to purchase a combi oven, stacking kit and installation for Ingomar cafeteria. 

There was a recommendation and approval to grant permission to get money to cover start up funds for all four county school cafeterias.

The board voted their approval on the recommendation to purchase 660 Lenovo 10e chrome book tablets for K-1st students from the low bidder, Howard Computers which is to be funded by ESSER funds. Howard Computers also submitted the low quote for 660 Lenovo 103 chrome book cases which was approved by the board members. This will also be funded with ESSER funds. 

The board also approved the purchase of 800 Lenovo 100e chargers from CDI Computers Inc./TROX at the low bid from ESSER funds.

There was a recommendation by Russell Taylor, Superintendent of Union County Schools, to approve the revised 2020-2021 Food Service Calendar which was approved. 

The board approved requests for the release of students from the Union County School District to attend New Albany, Tupelo and Pine Grove schools. They also approved the request for release for students to attend Union County School District and Ingomar Attendance Center from Marshall County School District and Pontotoc City Schools.

The board also acted with the approval of the claims docket and to ratify claims pre-paid during the month under the authority of board policy DJEJA. They also approved of the disposal of capital assets. 

In personnel matters the trustees:

•Approved hiring Rachel Elder as a substitute nurse, Union County School District

•Approved hiring David Johnson as a substitute teacher, Union County School District

•Approved increase of Charlie Forester's salary

•Approved hiring Jasmine Parks as a part-time speech pathologist, Union County School District

•Approved hiring Shanna Ligon as Dyslexia Therapist, East Union Attendance Center

•Approved hiring Robert Crane to sweep and mop the cafeteria, East Union Attendance Center

•Approved hiring Sara Beth Garrett as the PM driver for the SPED bus route, East Union Attendance Center

•Approved hiring Montana Purvis as Dyslexia Therapist, Ingomar Attendance Center

•Approved hiring Brigitte Howard as part-time EL teacher, Ingomar Attendance Center

•Approved hiring Debbie Bryan as Sped bus route driver, Ingomar Attendance Center

•Approved hiring Hugh Moorman as part-time custodian, Myrtle Attendance Center

•Approved the retirement of Angela Burks, Myrtle Attendance Center

•Approved hiring Kayla Rakestraw Wilson as Certified Elementary Teacher, Myrtle Attendance Center

•Approved hiring Stephanie Harris as a part-time assistant, Myrtle Attendance Center

•Approved hiring Ashley Gory as Dyslexia Therapist, Myrtle Attendance Center

•Approved hiring Gracie Lansdell as part-time STEAM interventionist, Myrtle Attendance Center

•Approved the resignation of Lisa Maxey as School Nurse, West Union Attendance Center

•Approved hiring Eva Frazier as School Nurse, West Union Attendance Center

•Approved hiring Jessica Garrett as Dyslexia Therapist, West Union Attendance Center. 

The next county school board meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, September 8, at 5:30 in the boardroom of the district office. This is a change from the usual meeting date due to the September 7 Labor Day holiday.

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