Most Union County elected official incumbents have kept their jobs for another four years but one did not and some others won’t know until the November 5 general election.

At least two local candidates went home happy Tuesday night because their races for the year are over.

A few will have to wait two weeks to see whether they will make it to the general election in November when several incumbents will still face challengers.

The lone defeated so-far incumbent was first-term incumbent Republican Third District Supervisor Dave Kitchens who lost to challenger C. J. Bright by a margin of 55 percent to 45 percent. Because there is no Democratic candidate, Bright will be the new supervisor as of the first of the year. Bright came close to defeating Kitchens four years ago.

The other settled race was for District 14 Representative, whose area covers almost all of Union County. Architect and developer Sam Creekmore IV received 72 percent of the vote compared to 28 percent for educator Robbins Ellis Rogers. That seat is currently held by Rogers’ mother, Margaret Ellis Rogers.

As in the supervisor’s race, there is no Democratic candidate so Creekmore will be the new legislator.

Still having to make it through the runoffs in a couple of weeks are candidates for supervisor and senator.

In the District 1 race, incumbent Democratic supervisor Evan Denton received 30 percent versus challenger Sam Taylor’s 32 percent. Since none got more than 50 percent of the total vote they will face each other Aug. 27.

The District 3 Republican Senate race will go to a runoff also.

In Union County, Kathy Chism led Jeff Olson narrowly, 44 percent to 42 percent but apparently polled slightly better in Benton and the northern half of Pontotoc counties to put her in a runoff with Pontotoc County’s Kevin Walls.

Walls only received 9 percent of the Union County vote but, again, did much better in the Pontotoc-Benton total.

In the Democratic sheriff’s race, incumbent Jimmy Edwards won clearly, receiving 76 percent of the vote compared to challenger Danny Dillard, who received 23 percent.

On the Republican side, Ashley Kidd defeated Brandon Garrett with 56 percent versus Garrett’s 42 percent.

Edwards and Kidd will face each other in the November general election.

This race had been watched, partially because a high Republican turnout was expected, resulting in a low Democratic turnout. That meant a smaller number of votes in the Edwards-Dillard race could be critical.

As expected, the ratio of Republican to Democratic votes was about two to one, and even higher at some precincts.

Statewide, Tate Reeves will face Bill Waller in the Republican runoff for gubernatorial nominee and Lynn Fitch and Andy Taggart will compete for the Republican nominee spot for attorney general.

John Caldwell and Geoffrey Yoste will compete for the Republican nominee sport for Northern District Transportation Commissioner.

Attorney General Jim Hood was the clear winner as Democratic nominee for governor and current Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann was the clear winner in the GOP race for lieutenant governor nominee. Johnny DuPree will be the Democratic nominee for secretary of state while Michael Watson will represent the Republican party in that race. David McRae won the Republican nomination as candidate for state treasurer.

Voter turnout in Union County was higher than for most recent elections with 49 percent of the county’s 15,830 registered voters going to the polls. Totals have sometimes been in the 30-percent range or worse.

The first box Tuesday came in about 7:45 and counting then proceeded smoothly with only one precinct having any delay.

Many of the incumbents were unopposed and will automatically return to office next year.

The races still to be settled in November include sheriff, District 1 supervisor, District 2 supervisor, District 4 supervisor, East Post constable and District 3 senator.

The runoffs will be Tuesday, Aug. 27, and absentee ballots probably will be available shortly after primary results are certified.

Those who voted in the Republican primary will not be allowed to vote in the District 1 Democratic runoff and those who voted in the Democratic primary will not be allowed to vote in the District 3 Republican senate runoff since crossover voting is illegal in Mississippi.

Below are totals that include absentee ballots but not a handful of about 40 affidavit ballots. Those are cast when the voter does not have valid ID or there is some irregularity in information and the voter has five business days in which to show ID or otherwise correct information.

The chart accompanying this story is broken down by race and precinct but includes only machine vote totals.

Totals below may not add up to 100 percent because of write-ins, which do not count. Incumbents are noted with (i) and those in a runoff with R.





Danny Dillard                  592                  23.10%

Jimmy Edwards (i)                  1,954                  76.24%


Circuit Clerk

Phyllis Stanford (i)                  2,311                  100%


Tax Assessor-Collector

Tameri Dunnam (i)                  2,266                  100%


Medical Examiner-


Pam Boman (i)                  1,994                  84.06%

Gabriel Wilson                  378                  15.94%


Supervisor 1

Evan Denton (i) R                  201                  29.60%

Gary Floyd                  79                  11.63%

Carl Graham                  50                  7.36%

Paul Patterson                  131                  19.29%

Sam Taylor R                  218                  32.11%


Supervisor 2

Chad Coffey (i)                  730                  99.73%


Supervisor 4

Randy Owen (i)                  294                  62.03%

Keith Roberts                  179                  37.76%


Supervisor 5

Steve Watson (i)                  257                  99.62%


Justice Court Judge East

David “Bruno” Garrison (i)                  748                  99.73%


Justice Court Judge West

Chris Childers (i)                  1,494                  99.87%


Constable East

Mickey McGill                  699                  99.71%


Constable West

Ronnie Goudy (i)                  1,448                  99.86%


District 13


Pamela J. Denham                  407                  99.03%


District 3 Senator

Tim Tucker                  1,844                  99.30%






Brandon Garrett                  1,970                  42.17%

William Ashley Kidd                  2,601                  55.67%


Chancery Clerk

Annette M. Hickey (i)                   4,729                  99.89%


County Prosecuting


Joe Marshall Davis (i)                  4,605                  99.85%


County District:


Supervisor 1

Jerry C. Burke                  659                  97.20%


Supervisor 2

Jim Gann                  715                  98.76%


Supervisor 3

C. J. Bright                  843                  54.95%

David A. Kitchens (i)                  690                  44.98%


Supervisor 4

Tommy “Junior” Courtney                  641                  95.81%


Constable East

P J Doyle (i)                  2,268                  99.74%


District Attorney District 3

Ben Creekmore (i)                  4,716                  9.87%


District 13


Steve Massengill (i)                  380                  99.74%


District 14


Sam Creekmore IV                  3,152                  71.82%

Robbins Ellis Rogers                  1,234                  28.12%


District 18


Jerry R. Turner (i)                  135                  100%


District 3 Senator

Kathy L. Chism R                  2,152                  43.72%

Jeffrey Mitchell                  247                  5.02%

Jeff Olson                  2,074                  42.14%

Kevin Walls R                  447                  9.08%

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