Dennis Clayton

Dennis Clayton

The Mississippi High School Activities Association's Executive Committee met last week to discuss the fall sports seasons and for that matter, all of the upcoming sports seasons I would guess. What resulted from the meeting was a "wait and see" decision as the state of Mississippi navigates through the coronavirus pandemic. 

Various scenarios have been tossed out by several folks, from starting the fall sports seasons a few weeks later in September as one possibility. Another idea that has been mentioned is playing only division contests while eliminating non-division ones. This suggestion would hit a snag in 1A football because those teams play around eight division contests, so there's that. 

Another scenario that has been floated is a major switch of the seasons and going with the outdoor-heavy, non-contact sports of spring moving to the fall while the fall sports would move to the spring. If this were to be done, if sports cannot go this fall, then the spring sports teams and players would see two consecutive seasons cancelled. That is a bad deal for sure. 

Back to the MHSAA meeting, nothing has been decided, all these proposals are possibly being considered and perhaps some others that we haven't even thought about. There will be another meeting on July 14 and maybe the air will have cleared a bit for a movement in some direction by then. 

We are living in strange times and going through uncharted waters, so we just need to keep our heads on straight and await the results. As much as I enjoy sports, first of all we need to get our students back into the regular school routine and then let's worry about the extracurricular activities.

Meanwhile, on the Clayton farm, my flowers and vegetables are most definitely "in season and actively participating" as we stay busy picking.

Even though I may not have sports to cover presently, there's always lots to do at my place. Especially since my yard is on a twice-a-week mowing schedule due to all the rain that we've been experiencing. 

So don't think poor Dennis is sitting at home with nothing to do, I will be glad to let you come help mow the ditch banks, pick the vegetables or water the flowers should you need some extracurricular activities. I'm staying quite busy and am thoroughly enjoying it except for the heat and humidity.

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