To state the obvious, New Albany must be doing something right.

The city has been recognized by travel magazines, continues to win a variety of grants, has a partnership with the University of Mississippi and, perhaps most notable, was named America’s Best Southern Small Town by USA Today.

This week we – as part of Tanglefoot Trail – are up for another honor.

The Tanglefoot Trail has been nominated for the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy Rail-Trail Hall of Fame.

The other two nominees are in New Jersey and Wisconsin.

So far, the hall of fame includes a little over 30 trails of various types. Winning would be publicity for our area, status, and more promotion.

As we are starting to learn, many people in the United States and even other countries take these trails very seriously. At least a few, apparently, have walked or ridden all the trails currently in the hall of fame.

The way to win is simply by popular vote. The trail that receives the most votes wins and anyone can vote as many times as he or she wishes.

The caveat is that there is a very short voting period – we don’t know why – and that voting ends today, Wednesday.

Local officials were not even notified until late last week.

So what everyone needs to do is vote immediately, and vote again, and again so we can win one more honor for our community and our area.

There is a story on page one about this and it contains the web address needed to vote.

And while you are voting you might learn a little more about some of the other former rail lines that have been converted to wonderful trails.

A side note: If you haven’t noticed, the new trail welcome center by the library is finished other than interior furnishings and only waiting for a formal ceremony to be organized so it can begin to be used. Once the various officials can agree on a date it will be announced.

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