NEW ALBANY – Broken windshields are a constant nuisance, but New Albany residents can rest assured that a local expert is ready to fix the problem. 

“I enjoy helping people, taking something that’s broken and making it new,” said Will Tucker, owner, sole employee, and expert technician at Windshield Doctor, LLC.

On a recent Friday, Kathryn Henderson needed help with a nick in her windshield. 

Tucker greeted her warmly, climbed in the driver’s side of her SUV, and raked his hand over the windshield. 

“I don’t think it’s anything you need to worry about—at least right now,” said Tucker, as he shook Henderson’s hand, charged nothing, and encouraged her to come back, if the problem worsened.  

In his garage, Tucker was replacing a windshield on Scott Hodges’s Honda Odyssey. 

“It was a rock, as usual,” said Hodges, an Ingomar resident, nodding his head. “Right across the driver’s sight.”

Tucker took over the business after his father, Bill, passed away in 2010. He grew up around the trade, helping remove the rubber gaskets that anchored older windshields, as well as cleaning up and doing all the work-a-day jobs of a glass shop.

“I learned a lot from my father, and I was happy to continue the business after he passed,” said Tucker. “Dad built a reputation for quality work, and customer service, and I’ve tried to continue that legacy.”

Tucker earned a bachelor’s degree in marketing from the University of Mississippi, and put his education to work in his father’s business. 

“I was always happy to be part of dad’s work, and benefitted from the principles he taught me,” said Tucker. “I enjoyed the work, and appreciated my education, and I was eager to help, once I graduated.” 

Changing and repairing windshields takes a skilled hand. 

Urethane adhesive holds today’s windshields in place, Tucker said, a substance more elastic and flexible than the older bonds, and it requires different methods of application and removal.

“The business has changed, but we’ve adapted and kept current with customers’ needs,” said Tucker.

Not every cracked windshield needs replacing, Tucker said. Today’s technology allows him to drill into a crack, insert pressurized resin, along with a thin-viscosity glue, and suck out the air, so that the adhesive bonds strongly. 

“Replacing an average crack takes about 15-20 minutes,” said Tucker, who does all his repairs at his shop, at 904 E. Bankhead St. 

“The Windshield Doctor is a preferred shop for all major insurances,” Tucker said, as he hopped into the bed of a Chevy Z71 Off-Road pickup, in which the back glass was busted out.  

In a matter of seconds, Tucker skillfully removed the glass and toolbox. 

“Most back-glass is tempered-glass, and it shatters easily,” Tucker said, as he set to work. 

Hodges was adamant about his friend’s work.

“He’s quality, workmanship, dependability,” said Hodges. “Will is the only one I’ll ever use.”

Windshield Doctor is open Mon.-Fri., 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. 

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