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Amory to take down unwarranted traffic lights

By Eileen Bailey

Daily Journal

AMORY -Beginning today, residents in Amory will have to stop and look both ways while driving down Third and Fourth streets when existing traffic lights are removed and replaced with stop signs.

Six lights along the two streets will be taken down and replaced with stop signs, said City Planner David Grimes. The removal of the lights is the first in a two-phase process to rid the city of unnecessary traffic signals.

Mayor Thomas Griffith said a study into upgrading traffic lights in early fall found some lights to be unwarranted. Once those lights were pinpointed, city officials chose to work on replacing them first, he said. The mayor said the city may upgrade existing traffic lights at a later date.

City officials decided to replace unwarranted stop lights with stop signs, Griffith said. The project is expected to begin today when city workers will replace traffic lights on Third and Fourth Streets from Third and Fourth avenues north to Third and Fourth avenues south.

Grimes said the removal of the lights could save the city electric and maintenance costs. The city is using money from the general fund budget to pay for the changes.

He said after the traffic signals are removed, city officials will study the changes to see how well they are working before beginning the second phase, which will include the removal of several stop lights from Main Street.

Both Grimes and Griffith said they expect the project to be completed by the summer.

In a separate project, the city is using funds from the Federal Highway Administration to upgrade the traffic light on Highway 278 and Boulevard Drive. At this traffic light, located in front of the McDonald's, sensors will be placed under the pavement to signal the light when there is a car in the turn lane, Grimes said. This project also is expected to be completed by the summer. Some upgrading has already been done at the intersection.

Griffith said there will be a minimal number of detours during this project.

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