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Attorney Carlos Moore is surrounded by the Clayton family as he speaks to the media recently outside the Lafayette County Courthouse.

OXFORD • An attorney representing the family of an Oxford woman killed Sunday wants the former Oxford police officer charged with capital murder and to face the death penalty.

Matthew Kinne, 38, is currently charged with murder in the shooting death of Dominique Clayton, 32, who was found dead in her east Oxford home Sunday afternoon. According to the family, she was shot in the back of the head.

“We feel she did not let him in,” said Grenada-based attorney Carlos Moore. “If he burglarized the house, it shouldn’t be just murder. If the killing is done in the commission of another felony, that’s capital murder.

“If they do charge him with capital murder and if he is convicted, I would happily sit on the front row of his public death by firing squad. And Mississippi does allow death by firing squad. Matthew Kinne needs to be held accountable for what he did.”

Moore’s press conference on the Lafayette County Courthouse steps was just one of the many changes in the case Friday.

Kinne, who was represented by public defender Tiffany Kilpatrick during Wednesday’s initial appearance, hired Ashland-based attorney Tony Farese on Friday. The same day, Third District Circuit Judge John Gregory took over the case and ordered Kinne held without bond.

Moore said he was hired to look into all aspects of the case to insure the family gets justice. He did not rule out a possible civil lawsuit against the city of Oxford.

“If the city of Oxford was complicit or somehow enabled this to happen, through policy or another way, we will hold them responsible,” Moore said.

After speaking with the family at length Friday, Moore confirmed that Clayton and Kinne had been in a romantic relationship for around a year.

“This man supported her. He paid her rent and her car note, all the while having a family of his own,” Moore said. “I have been told that she was trying to leave him and she felt she was pregnant and told him so.”

While he does have some information, there are still questions. According to Moore, some members of the Oxford Police Department initially told the family that Clayton had committed suicide. He also wants to know if Kinne was on duty when Clayton was killed.

Moore said he has spoken with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood about getting their help in the investigation.

“I spoke to the Attorney General Jim Hood today and he will be getting involved with this,” Moore said. “He (Hood) has been asked to help by an official in Oxford.”

Under Mississippi Law, the Attorney General cannot take over or even look into a local case own their own. They have to be asked by the local District Attorney.

When asked Friday afternoon by the Daily Journal, Third Circuit Court District Attorney Ben Creekmore said he has not asked the Attorney General’s Office for any help on the case.

The evidence against Kinne will be presented to a grand jury, which could upgrade the charges to capital murder. The actual trial is not expected to happen before the summer of 2020. Twitter:@WilliamMoore_DJ

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