BURNSVILLE - The city of Burnsville will receive a $297,000 grant to help improve its sewer system.

The grant was announced Wednesday by the Mississippi Department of Economic and Community Development. A second grant of $422,000 also was awarded to Harrison County for water improvements.

These grants are called public facilities grants, a category of the Community Development Block Grant program, according to a news release from MDECD. The program provides funding for infrastructure projects benefiting low- to moderate-income people.

"The public facilities grants provide essential financial support to our communities for the improvement of the local infrastructure," said MDECD Executive Director Jimmy Heidel.

The 1996 Public Facilities is divided into two groups. The Regular Group includes counties, cities and towns with populations of 50,000 or less while the Small Municipality Group is limited to communities with populations of 1,500 or less. No awards were made in the Small Municipality competition this round.

For Fiscal Year 1996, about $18 million was set aside for these grants. Three rounds of grants already had been issued earlier in the fiscal year.

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