BLUE SPRINGS • At Toyota Mississippi, team members can join the on-site fitness center, buy sushi and other goodies at the company cafeteria and even purchase swag at the company store.

And sometime next month, they’ll also get to shop at Walmart and have their prescriptions filled at the phamarcy.

Make no mistake, it’s not a Supercenter or Neighborhood Market. But it is a 1,500-square-foot space that Toyota has carved out for Walmart via a partnership that’s formed over the years.

“It’ll be a retail store where you can buy everyday goods like sinus medication, headache medicine, paper towels, bread, things like that,” said Toyota spokeswoman Emily Holland.

Snacks – chips, candy, beef jerky, protein bars, protein shakes, etc. – also will be sold, along with greeting cards.

Brooke Massey, medical specialist for Toyota Mississippi, has helped oversee the construction for the pharmacy and the store.

“The pharmacy came about because we want to provide our team members with every amenity that we can on site,” Massey said. “And it’s not just for them to pick up their prescriptions and to be convenient. We also want to invest in their health.”

A health services has been added next to the pharmacy, where team members and the pharmacist or pharmacy technician can talk in private. The pharmacy will have a dedicated pharmacist who will get to know the team members and offer consistent advice as needed. Immunizztion shots also will be available.

“A lot of patients have close relationships with their pharmacist, like when they’re on maintenance meds, or when you’re on ABC and something comes up and the doctor gave you X, the pharmacist will know you and talk you through, if needed,” Massey said.

A team member can call in any prescription to the pharmacy at the plant, foregoing the need to send them to a big-box-store or pharmacy where they’ll usually have to wait.

The store and pharmacy will be open four days a week to accommodate both shifts.

“Only our team member can use the pharmacy,” Massey said. “But any dependent of a team member can have their prescription filled here.

“We think this will help toward balancing work and life for our team members.” Twitter: @dennisseid

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